As well as being an expensive luxury, sadly the beauty of fresh flowers is short lived when they only last a week.   The solution to no more droopy or crunchy looking roses when you come home is….faux flowers.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but faux flowers and plants have gradually become one of the most stylish home accessories around?

A long time ago faux flowers made you think of bowls of potpourri and faded dusty looking plants in the corner.   Well not now…. thanks to more sophisticated designs, improved manufacturing techniques and clever touches such as waterproof stems they are now not only extremely realistic and low maintenance they are ever lasting and affordable too.

They look fantastic inside the home in every room you can think off.  Designer Abigail Ahern has definitely been a stylish and contributory factor in making them hip and trendy again by not just sticking to simple faux orchids….I’m talking big and bold and a little bit different.

Here is my cream of the crop…..excuse the pun!